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Volunteer at Welby Way


We are looking forward to having so many wonderful volunteers - new and returning, this year. To get our parents processed quickly, we wanted to remind everyone about the required documents needed, for new and returning volunteers. Please follow the process below in order to become a Welby Way Elementary School Volunteer:


1. Fill out the application at the LAUSD VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Print and bring this into the office, signed. This will allow us to know that you have applied to be a volunteer. Without this application we cannot start the process to approve you.


2. Sign the volunteer contract - A copy will pop up once you have filled out the application on the website indicated above. There will be an option to print out 2 documents – this is one of them. Please sign and bring in as well.


3. TB Test - A new TB test must be done every 4 years. If you are a new volunteer that is submitting results your TB test must be from the last 60 days.  Whether you are a new or returning volunteer that is filling out paperwork, the volunteer app system will prompt you if you do not have one on file or yours has expired-  as a reminder to update.


4. COVID Vaccine Record - If you have not uploaded your covid vaccine record to the daily pass system please do so as well. There are instructions attached on how to do this. If you need additional assistance, please call the office or email Laura Klein.


All of these documents must be walked into the office or emailed. If you have already applied to become a volunteer but have missed one of these steps please walk in the missing documents to the office or email to Laura Klein. 


Once you are processed, we will contact you to let you know that you are ready to begin volunteering!



When Coming to School once you are a Processed Volunteer


  • Come into the office and sign in under your name in the volunteer book. Then you will be given a pass.

  • When your volunteer badge is ready, we will send it home with your child and you can wear this!

  • *Note – at this time a negative covid test is not needed. Protocols can change, so please keep an eye out for updates.

If you have any questions, please email Laura Klein at