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Jody Weissler

virtual classroom (click pictures)
Learning with Mr. Weissler

There is so much to learn in first grade!   For students in Room 7, in addition to checking out our virtual classroom above (some items are links) please note these weekly resources for academic success:

  • HW Packet Cover letter, Spelling Words and poetry The entire HW packet is handed out on Monday of each week in  student's yellow folders. 
  • Spelling City (spelling words for the week are online.  Do the free activities throughout the week for practice
  • Word Wall  This digital version of the one we have in class will be updated dynamically throughout the year. Please make sure that your child is comfortable reading each word on "The Word Wall".
  • Schoology   This is the link for several digital resources at home and school  On the left hand column students could access Zearn, Amplify and more. Please use the QR code (on the index cards provided by Mr. Weissler to Login)

Book Report Forms

Fiction Book Report Form (A)     

Fiction Book Report Form (B)

Fiction Book Report Form (D)

Fiction Book Report Form (E)

The One Page Primary Grade Book Report

Autobiography/Biography Book Report


Wish List

Here is a convenient Amazon Wish list where you could contribute to Mr. Weissler's Classroom environment.



BOOK ORDERS                                                                                                                                               Scholastic could be placed here.  These orders help our class have our book checkout honor system.  Book Orders could be placed anytime.

About Mr. Weissler

Jody Weissler is very happy to be at Welby Way.  He went to Hale and El Camino Real High School and is in touch with the community's expectations.  He believes the students, faculty, and parents at Welby Way are unmatched.  

Room 7 is a rich and welcoming. (even online).  Jody spends hours making sure each day is valuable.  This is the year to make students excited about Math, Reading, and Writing.

Jody Weissler has a teaching credential, BA from UC Berkeley, and a masters in Political Science.  He is also certificated in various topics ranging from Agriculture to Computer Science.

Jody Weissler teaches Elementary Teaching Methods at Cal State University, Northridge.  Jody is also the founder of a network of educational websites for teachers and parents at

Jody Weissler has a beautiful wife, Sabrina, and 12th grade twins. His favorite theme parks are Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, and Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.  This last year he went to both Dollywood in Pigeon Forge and Carrowinds in Charlotte.

SunsphereMr. Weissler with his family at the Sunphere in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mr. Weissler and family river rafting in Class 4 Rapids!