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News for the Week of May 1-5
Posted 4/30/23

Good evening Welby Way families,


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy some quality time with your family.  Currently the Welby Way office staff and I are working to prepare enrollment for the 2023 - 2024 school year.   If you live within the Welby Way boundaries and have an incoming TK or kindergarten student or know of a neighbor or friend who is yet to enroll, please let Mrs. DaCorsi or Irma in the know as soon as possible.  This greatly assists in giving us an idea of how many incoming new students we will have in August for the new school year.  I truly thank you for your assistance with this.


This week is a busy week filled with lots of field trips for our students.   Please be sure your child has submitted all required signed paperwork for them to attend.


Tuesday:  On Tuesday, room 9 and 39 are off to Petty Ranch for a day of learning and fun.

Wednesday:  On Wednesday, our 5th graders are scheduled to depart for 3 days and 2 nights at WOLF Camp where they are going to make many wonderful memories and enjoy.  All of 1st grade classes are going to Underwood Farms for the day.


Thursday:  On Thursday, rooms 10, 15, and 34 are off to Petty Ranch and rooms 11, 12, 16, 22, 33, and 38 are off to Leonis Adobe to learn about the Chumash and history.  I truly hope the weather works in our favor and everyone has a wonderful time.


Friday:  On Friday, our 5th graders return from WOLF in the afternoon prior to the end of the school day.  The office will send out updates on arrive times once the students depart. 


SBAC Testing:  Starting the week of May 8th, all 3rd - 5th grade students will begin our annual required SBAC testing.   This is an extremely important time for all of our students to come to school each and on time in order to not miss their test and start on time with a clear mind.  All studies say that students do best when testing with their peers and not having to make-up a test.  Also, please be sure your child goes to bed on time each night and gets a good nights rest and starts their day with a healthy breakfast to begin their day right.  I know our Welby Way students will rock the test and do their best!


 I continue to thank you for your support and the gift of your child.   Have a nice evening.  This is all for now.


Your Welby Way Principal,

Mrs. DaCorsi