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1st Day of School Safety
Posted 8/15/22

Good evening Welby Way families,


I want to thank you, your children, and our hard working teachers and staff for a successful and positive first day of school.   Also, thank you to everyone who made sure that their child tested negative prior to returning to school today.  If your child were to test positive, please email me at and your child's teacher so we are aware and I can assist you with the correct and safe timeline to return to school.    

Parking and Traffic Safety - For the safety of all I have just a few reminders when dropping off or picking up your child.  Please do not park in the staff parking lots. First, this leaves limited spaces for staff members when they are coming to work each day.  Also, it is extremely unsafe for students to be walking through the parking lot as they may not be seen between cars. Also, please do not park in the middle of the street to drop off or pick up your child.   Most importantly, do not motion for your child to cross the street to come to your car. The safety of your child along with the safety of all Welby Way students is extremely important to me. If we can work together to ensure they all arrive and go home safely it will be a wonderful school year.


Thank you for your support and have a lovely evening.  I will see you all in the morning.


Your Welby Way Principal,

Mrs. DaCorsi