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News for the Week of Sept. 6-9, 2022
Posted 9/6/22

Good evening Welby Way families,


I hope you are all enjoying the HOT long weekend and staying cool.  Reminder there is no school tomorrow, Sept. 5th as we pay respect to those started the labor movement and their accomplishments for Labor Day.   


COVID Updates:  This week we had 5 positive COVID cases on campus and thank goodness all had very minor symptoms.   If your child was a close contact an antigen test was sent home with them to retest this weekend to ensure everyone remains negative.   


If your child tests positive, please be sure to label the test with your child’s first and last name, date of birth, school, label POSITIVE, and date of the test and upload it to your child’s Daily Pass.   Also, please be sure to email me ( and your child’s teacher regarding the positive results so I can assist you the safe return to school timeline.  With this I am highly recommend that students wear their mask while indoors for the next few weeks until our numbers begin to drop.  If your child exhibits any flu like symptoms please keep your child home and test them prior to returning to school to ensure they are negative.



Church Parking:  Thank you to everyone who remembered on Thursday to not park in the church parking lot.    We still had a few families using this parking lot to pick up their children on Calicott.   As a reminder this week I received notice from the church across the street that Welby Way families are not permitted to park in the church parking lot for pick up, drop off, or school events.  Their parking lot is private property and not additional parking for our school.  I hope we are able to respect this and not use their parking lot in the future.  


Also, please remember the importance of following traffic and parking rules when dropping off and picking up your child each day.  I thank you all for remembering the importance of working together to do what is safest and best for our children.   With everyone working in a respectful and equitable manner, our children can start and end their day successfully and have a proper model of how interact respectfully throughout the school day.     


LAUSD Fall Enrichment:  Once again this Fall LAUSD is offering free after school enrichment  Attached to this email is the flyer with more information as how to register for classes.  Do know that classes fill up quickly.   


Patriot's Day: On Friday at 8:15 am, Welby Way will be celebrating Patriot's Day on the yard around the grass field with songs, a few classroom presentations, and a time to be all together to share our pride in being an American.   Parents are welcome to join in the event by entering the gate on Friday with their child.   Once the event ends, parents will be asked to exit campus and the teachers and students will return to class.   


Drill Reflection:  On Thursday, we had our first lockdown drill for the school year.    Teachers and students were asked to lockdown quietly in their classrooms while Mrs. Kearns and I accounted for all students and staff.   Everyone did a wonderful job checking in to ensure everyone was located and safe.   We will continue to practice throughout the school year to be best prepared in case of an emergency. 


Earthquake Kits:   As we begin this school year, we again review our school emergency plans to make sure our procedures and supplies are current and appropriate for our student body. The Welby Way Elementary School staff takes its role in emergency preparedness very seriously, and we are certain that if an earthquake or other emergency takes place while school is in session, our staff will be well prepared to take measures necessary to insure the safety of all our students.  With this we are beginning to collect emergency kits.  Please review to attached letters for kits guidelines and recommendations.   Thank you!


POWW Restaurant Night:  On Thursday, Sept. 8th from 11:45 am - 9:00 pm, POWW will be hosting restaurant night at the The Stand in Calabasas.   Save having to make dinner with this heat and enjoy dinner at The Stand or order dinner to bring home.   Your support is greatly  appreciated.   


I want to thank you for your kind and welcoming words, and support as I look forward to continuing  to work together this school year.  Have a wonderful rest of the long weekend, be well, and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.   This is all for now.


Your Welby Way Principal,

Mrs. DaCorsi