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General Information

Drop-Off Procedure

The school yard is open at 7:30 a.m. for students to be dropped off.  Kindergarten students may wait for the start of school at the kinder yard, and all other students may wait on the main yard.  Each yard will have one yard supervision employee.  For the students’ safety, the apparatus and game areas are closed on the main yard before school.  Students may line up in his/her designated area or stay in the lunch pavilion area to talk, read, and socialize.

After School
  • The kinder yard is closed upon dismissal every day.  The District does not provide a Youth Services coach to monitor the kinder yard.  Without a District employee, students may not remain on the kinder yard after school, even with parental supervision.
  • The main yard is open until 6:00 p.m. on all school days.  Per the District’s policy, the main yard is open ONLY TO STUDENTS SECOND THROUGH FIFTH GRADES.  Kindergartners and first graders MAY NOT remain on the yard after school, even with an older sibling, for their safety.  The Youth Services division of the LAUSD provides one coach to monitor the entire yard after school.  The Youth Services program is an open-campus program, which means that students do not need to sign-out to leave the campus.  Students are free to leave the campus, so please speak to your child regularly regarding your expectations of him/her walking home, going to a friend’s house, or staying on campus to wait for you.  Preplan with your children and communicate with them every morning about that day’s after school plan.  Children become very anxious when they are unsure about their after school pick-up plan.
  • For-fee after school care program available.  Daycare is available for kindergarten and first grades. If space permits, daycare enrollment will be extended to 2nd and up. Please call the office for details 818-348-1975.
  • Our Parker enrichment classes:  We have four (4) sessions throughout the school year with a variety of courses offered.  More information forthcoming.
Traffic Procedures and rules

Although we have many families who walk to school, the majority drive to school.  Traffic around our school during the peak drop-off and pick-up times is extremely congested.  EACH AND EVERY PARENT, BABYSITTER, GRANDPARENT, AND GUARDIAN MUST FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC SAFTEY RULES:

  1. Do not stop your car in the middle of the street to drop-off or pick-up your children.
  2. Follow the established flow of traffic – the passenger side should always be closest to the school’s perimeter.
  3. If you have parked across the street, DO NOT JAYWALK.  Walk to the nearest crosswalk and cross at the intersection.
  4. Do not stand across the street and wave to your child to run across the street to meet you.
  5. Do not sit in your car and wait for your children to come meet you during the pick-up times.  We are like the airport.  If your child is not at the curb ready to meet you, drive around the school and get back in the “valet” line.
  6. Just one car waiting for children who have not come out of the school gates and hold up the rest of traffic.
  7. Do not honk for your children.
  8. Do not park in the Church parking lot across the street.  It is private property and your car can be ticketed.


  • Remember that every child’s safety should be your main concern.
  • Remember that the children are watching what you say and how you choose to follow the rules.
  • Remain calm and courteous at all times. 
  • Respect our neighbors and their property.  They watch our school and our children for us to keep them safe.  They are the first to call the police if they see anything suspicious.  Our neighbors are our partners.
  • Park a couple of blocks away or use the valet system to drop off your children.