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Administration and School Staff Directory

Administration and office staff

Susie Da Corsi - Principal

Clare Kearns - Magnet Coordinator

Mahira Vallin - Coordinator

James McGroarty - Assistant Principal, SpEd

Kevin Maxwell - Plant Manager

Arthur Ghazarian - School Psychologist

Alexia Zepeda - School Administrative Assistant 

Irma Culter - Office Clerk

Destiny Howell - Attendance and Pupil Services

Dana Hammerman - Speech Therapy

Other school staff

Coach Lois - PE and Psychomotor

Coach Maria - PE and Psychomotor

Ms. Dorothy and Mrs. Hiromi - Cafeteria Managers

Ms. Mendez - Music Teacher

Mr. DJ - Computer Teacher

Mr. Jacob - Ballroom Dance (4th and 5th) Teacher

Ms. Wynott - Theater Teacher

Ms. Isreal - Art Teacher 

Coach Jeremy - After School Beyond the Bell

Mrs. King - The Hive

Mrs. Staves - Resource Aide

Ms. Mary - After School Day Care Program

Campus Supervision Aides and INSTRuCTIONAL AIDES 

Ms. Lori

Ms. Brenda

Ms. Sarah 

Ms. Alison

Ms. Gaby

Mr. Harvey

Ms. Laura

Ms. Jeanette

Ms. Josephine

Mr. Joseph